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Prototype monitoring system
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Raspberry Pi
Vanilla HTTP server
Interface: Graph of voltage during the day
When it turns on and off the main load
Warning messages: not charging to meet load requirements
Use LEDs for signaling status on the device
Web interface for scheduling: slider with overlay with of yesterday's sunlight and usage data

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Notes from hacking today:

  • Run custom I2C slave 7-17V only. Need at least 7 to power on.
  • Use the EveryCircuit iPhone app
  • Grounds on board are connected together
reid added a comment.Jan 24 2018, 11:02 AM

Design of the I2C slave protoboard. This slave measures analog voltage 0-5V from an input voltage of 7-17V. The device is powered from the monitored source. A Tessel 2 is connected as the I2C master device for data logging.